Any instruction to carry out work, whether verbal or written, shall be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out below:-


“Contractor” shall mean Safesparks Electrical Limited.  “Client” shall mean the person, company or firm responsible for instructing the works.

Period of Acceptance

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, an estimate remains open for acceptance for 30 days unless previously withdrawn.  Thereafter it is subject to confirmation or adjustment by the Contractor.

Conditions of Estimate

  1. The estimate is based on normal working hours which are Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated.
  2. Where the customer requires additional work(s) and/or variations from the works described in the estimate, such works shall be the subject of a separate agreement between the Contractor and the Client.  The Contractor will submit an estimate for such works and the Client shall confirm his/her agreement in writing before said works are carried out.
  3. The laying of cables and conduit runs is by shortest practicable routes.
  4. Any work by other trades, chasing and making good, any Statutory fees or charges for work done by Supply Authority or Local Authority is not included.
  5. Whilst every reasonable care will be taken, the estimate does not include for incidental redecoration or other works consequent upon the proper execution of the work.
  6. Refuse collected from the works will be bagged and left at the premises.

Completion Time

The Contractor shall endeavour to carry out the works within the period stipulated or, if no period stipulated, within a reasonable time.  The Contractor shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage arising out of delay due to any cause beyond the Contractor’s control.  If the progress of the works is delayed or disrupted due to any cause beyond the Contractor’s control, then the Contractor shall be granted an extension of time, providing that the Contractor shall use his best endeavours to minimise any such delay.


Without prejudice to the above terms, the Client may have the benefit under the Registered Competent Person Scheme and Microgeneration Certification Scheme through NAPIT (which the Contractor is a member 25397) subject to their terms and conditions.  Contact details are:


  •  Address: 4th Floor, Mill 3, Pleasley Vale Business Park, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 8RL
  •  Phone: 0345-543-0330
  •  Fax: 0345-543-0332
  •  Email:

Contractor’s Loss, Damage and Expense

If the Contractor is involved in such loss, damage or expense due to any of the following reasons, then the Contractor shall be reimbursed for the same, providing that the Contractor shall use his best endeavours to minimise such loss, damage or expense:- (i) by reason of the Client’s instructions and/or delayed instructions regarding extra work or variations; (ii) by delay on the part of any other company engaged by the Client in executing work not forming part of this contract; (iii) by the Client failing to afford free and uninterrupted access to the Contractor to the property for the proper execution of the works; (iv) the Contractor shall not be liable for any damage caused by the works after completion of the works which is due to normal operation of equipment or materials, save where the damage is caused by the negligence of the Contractor.

Payment Terms

Payment in full shall be due on completion of the work and shall be made within 7 days of invoice submitted by the Contractor.  Late payments will incur a penalty charge of £20.00.

Where the contract period is in excess of 4 weeks, invoices may be submitted monthly for the total value of work executed, less any previous payments, with the net amount due to be paid by the Client within 7 days.

Failure by the Client to make any payment as aforesaid shall entitle the Contractor to suspend all work and charge interest on the amount outstanding at 4% above Base Rate of the Contractor’s bank.

All materials shall remain the property of the Contractor until payment has been made in full.